Supported BGP Communities

Informative BGP Communities

Community Purpose

45177:30000 All NZ learnt routes

45177:30001 APE NZ Learnt routes

45177:30002 Telecom NZ Learnt routes

45177:30003 TelstraClear NZ Learnt routes

45177:30004 AKL-IX NZ Learnt routes

45177:30005 Megaport IX-Auckland NZ Learnt routes

45177:30006 WIX Learnt routes

45177:30100 All AU Learnt routes

45177:30101 Megaport NSW AU Learnt routes

45177:30102 Equinix SYD AU Learnt routes

45177:30103 NSW-IX AU Learnt routes

45177:30104 AAPT AU Learnt routes

45177:30105 Optus AU Domestic Learnt routes

45177:30300 All EU Learnt routes

45177:30301 LINX EU

45177:30200 All USA Learnt routes

45177:30201 Any2IX CA USA Learnt routes

45177:30202 Any2IX Northern CA USA Learnt routes

45177:30203 Hurricane Electric USA Learnt routes

45177:30204 Cogent USA Learnt routes

45177:30205 GTT USA Learnt routes

45177:30206 nLayer USA Learnt routes

45177:30207 Global Gateway Learnt routes

45177:30208 Vodafone Learnt routes

45177:30209 TeliaSonera Learnt routes

45177:30210 Level3 Learnt routes

45177:39001 Blended transit Customers

45177:39002 International transit Customers

45177:39003 Domestic transit Customers

45177:39004 Australian transit Customers

45177:39005 Australian Domestic Only Customers

45177:39999 All Customers

Action Communities

Community Purpose

45177:10 Increase local-pref by 10 (rfc1998)

45177:11 Decrease local-pref by 10 (rfc1998)

45177:666 Blackhole (works down to /32 host route)

45177:40001 Prepend once to APE NZ

45177:40002 Prepend twice to APE NZ

45177:40003 Prepend 3X to APE NZ

45177:40009 No-Export to APE NZ

45177:40051 Prepend once to WIX NZ

45177:40052 Prepend twice to WIX NZ

45177:40053 Prepend 3X to WIX NZ

45177:40059 No export to WIX NZ

45177:40011 Prepend once to TelstraClear NZ

45177:40012 Prepend twice to TelstraClear NZ

45177:40013 Prepend 3X to TelstraClear NZ

45177:40021 Prepend once to Telecom NZ

45177:40022 Prepend twice to Telecom NZ

45177:40023 Prepend 3X to Telecom NZ

45177:40031 Prepend once to AKL-IX NZ

45177:40032 Prepend twice to AKL-IX NZ

45177:40033 Prepend 3X to AKL-IX NZ

45177:40041 Prepend once to MegaPort AKL IX NZ

45177:40042 Prepend twice to MegaPort AKL IX NZ

45177:40043 Prepend 3X to MegaPort AKL IX NZ

45177:41001 Prepend once to Megaport NSW

45177:41002 Prepend twice to Megaport NSW

45177:41003 Prepend 3X to Megaport NSW

45177:41011 Prepend once to Equinix SYD

45177:41012 Prepend twice to Equinix SYD

45177:41013 Prepend 3X to Equinix SYD

45177:41021 Prepend once to NSW-IX

45177:41022 Prepend twice to NSW-IX

45177:41023 Prepend 3X to NSW-IX

45177:41031 Prepend once to AAPT AU

45177:41032 Prepend twice to AAPT AU

45177:41033 Prepend 3X to AAPT AU

45177:41034 No Export to AAPT AU

45177:41061 Prepend once to Optus AU Domestic

45177:41062 Prepend twice to Optus AU Domestic

45177:41063 Prepend 3X to Optus AU Domestic

45177:41069 No Export to Optus AU Domestic

45177:41041 Prepend Once to Google

45177:41042 Prepend Twice to Google

45177:41043 Prepend 3X to Google

45177:41049 No-Export to Google

45177:41051 Prepend once to Megaport MEL

45177:41052 Prepend twice to Megaport MEL

45177:41053 Prepend 3X to Megaport MEL

45177:41071 Prepend once to IAA QLD

45177:41072 Prepend twice to IAA QLD

45177:41073 Prepend 3X to IAA QLD

45177:41074 No Export to IAA QLD

45177:41999 No-Export to AU

45177:42001 Prepend once to Any2IX CA

45177:42002 Prepend twice to Any2IX CA

45177:42003 Prepend 3X to Any2IX CA

45177:42011 Prepend once to Any2IX Northern CA

45177:42012 Prepend twice to Any2IX Northern CA

45177:42013 Prepend 3X to Any2IX Northern CA

45177:43001 Prepend once to LINX EU

45177:43002 Prepend twice to LINX EU

45177:43003 Prepend 3X to LINX EU

45177:43009 No-Export to LINX EU

45177:43999 No-Export to EU

45177:49001 Prepend once to Cogent

45177:49002 Prepend twice to Cogent

45177:49003 Prepend 3X to Cogent

45177:49008 No-Export to Cogent Peers

45177:49009 No-Export to Cogent

45177:49011 Prepend once to Hurricane Electric

45177:49012 Prepend twice to Hurricane Electric

45177:49013 Prepend 3X to Hurricane Electric

45177:49019 No-Export to Hurricane Electric

45177:49021 Prepend once to GTT

45177:49022 Prepend twice to GTT

45177:49023 Prepend 3X to GTT

45177:49029 No-Export to GTT

45177:49031 Prepend once to nLayer

45177:49032 Prepend twice to nLayer

45177:49033 Prepend 3X to nLayer

45177:49039 No-Export to nLayer

45177:49049 No-Export to Vodafone

45177:49059 No-Export to GGIS

45177:49061 Prepend once to TeliaSonera

45177:49062 Prepend twice to TeliaSonera

45177:49063 Prepend 3X to TeliaSonera

45177:49069 No-Export to TeliaSonera

45177:49071 Prepend once to Level3

45177:49072 Prepend twice to Level3

45177:49073 Prepend 3X to Level3

45177:49079 No-Export to Level3

45177:49999 No-Export to USA